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Adolescence and Education of Tadeusz Wolski

Tadeusz Wolski was born on the 21st of February 1924 in Warsaw. His father, Władyswław Wolski, originated from an old Polish aristocratic family. He was a civil engineer who directed the constructions of residential buildings as well as of industrial plants and warehouses. His wife, Maria Wolska, née Janasz, Tadeusz’s mother, was the daughter of Alexander Janasz, who in 1880 had founded the A. Janasz Plant Breeding Company, the greatest and most important private Polish plant breeding enterprise, specialized in breeding cereals and sugar beets. The whole family formed an excellent team of plant breeders, and achieved tremendous successes with their cereal and sugar beet varieties.


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Until the beginning of World War II, Tadeusz visited the gymnasium in Warsaw. After all grammar schools had been closed in the times of German occupation, further school attendance was only possible “in the underground” – as were called the secret lessons which took place in steadily changing private flats. After having passed his final school examinations, he started - likewise “in the underground” – his studies of agriculture which were performed by a team of academics under professor Rostafiński. At the same time he participated in plant breeding at the Dańków plant breeding station in Dańków, the head quarter of the Janasz enterprise.

After the end of the war, he was both active in the two branches of plant breeding – cereals and sugar beets – as well as had he to complete his studies. He left the Agricultural University in Warsaw with the title of an agricultural engineer as well as that of a Master of Science in Agriculture.

Further Education

Tadeusz Wolski had written his dissertation under the title „Monograph of DANKÓW-Wheat Breeding“ in 1948 .

He obtained his doctor’s degree at the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Poznań for his publication “Studies on Inbreeding of Rye” in 1967. In the same year he became an assistant professor at the Institute for Plant Breeding in Radzików.

He was awarded the title of an orderly Professor in 1989.

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