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Tadeusz Wolski - World Famous Plant Breeder

“Plant breeding
is one of the greatest challenges
for sciences
as well as for agricultural practice.
Moreover, breeding of cereals has a special appealit serves the increase of our daily bread.”
Prof. Dr. Tadeusz Wolski


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In memoriam

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Professor Dr. Tadeusz Wolski

* 21.02.1924 † 11.03.2005

a magnificent plant breeder
and remarkable personality

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My first meeting with Dr. Wolski, as was his title in those days when the great successes and honours still were to come, took place in summer 1974 in Choryń, in a small, simple and inconspicuous office, the intellectual and creative centre of a breeding station which within a decade was to rise to world fame.

For me, a person born before world war II, in addition in Gdansk where the disaster had started, who had experienced what terrible tragedy our nation had caused to our neighbour country, who with his own eyes had seen many terribly destroyed towns and cities in Poland, it was – especially at the beginning – not easy to put questions about the experiences of the past to a person who had suffered under these cruelties in his youth.

Particularly I want to point out that one of the characteristics of cultivated Poles (and not only of the cultivated ones) is not to speak about those dreadful incidents but – instead of lamenting – positively look into the future.

Thus – despite a long lasting and good friendship – I am not able to write a biography on Prof. Dr. Wolski, and this indeed is not the intention of this essay.

I rather want to try to report to those who might be interested, a little about this fantastic personality who according to the judgement of Norman Borlaug - famous American scientist and Nobel prize winner - should have been awarded with the Nobel prize, and keep the memory of Tadeusz Wolski alive to my contemporary people as well as to posterity.

Peter Kruse

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