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The Personality Tadeusz Wolski

If anybody may be called a cultivated gentleman, well, then Tadeusz Wolski.


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He felt himself obliged to the tradition of his family as well as to plant breeding. He never has mentioned the tragedy to have experienced how a thriving enterprise which should have been his legal heritage, as well as his country had been destroyed in World War II. As it was the most natural thing in the world, he helped the Janasz family to rebuild the enterprise, and – when time had come - he took over its leadership. He never complained about the fact that this family enterprise with long tradition had been put under state control, and he was working in his own enterprise for the unloved socialists.

Tadeusz Wolski was a patriot. He loved his country and his people, and one can really say that he worked for them, especially for Polish farmers and their welfare. In addition, he struggled for a better future of Poland and the Poles: He became a member of Solidarność, and wore its badge even at times when this was rather dangerous.

Tadeusz Wolski was a highly talented person. He enlarged his knowledge with great diligence. He had a phenomenal memory which was of great use to him in his professional life. He spoke several languages fluently. He was interested in good literature, and knew history very well – in brief: He was a highly cultivated personality.

Tadeusz Wolski was an honest, upright, correct and magnanimous man. He preferred to turn to something else rather than to start into discussions over wrong done to him. He was an excellent speaker, and took advantage of his incredible memory and knowledge in his speeches which were precise and relevant, and which he enriched with suitable quotations from literature.

Tadeusz Wolski was a devote person. Even when it had been inevitable to go into the field on a Sunday which sometimes is necessary in agriculture, he never missed to go to High Mass.

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With all engagement in his work, Tadeusz Wolski succeeded to marry a wonderful lady who descended from a traditional and highly respected Polish family: Countess Anna Branicka-Wolska, a well bred and highly cultivated lady who is the legal heir of the Wilanów Palace on the outskirts of Southern Warsaw. Never has she underlined her descent. It is very interesting to learn more about her life; who wants to, should read her book “Letters that never have been sent” which has been translated into German. It allows a look into the brilliant period before the war, performance and suffering of some noble families in the war and after its end. Anna and Tadeusz had a happy marriage from which two sons descended.


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Dankow Manor 

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In his last year, fate granted Professor Tadeusz Wolski the privilege to fulfil a much-longed-for dream of his: He was able to buy his ancestral seat in Dańków back, and to restore what socialism “for political reasons” had let to go to ruin.

Thus, his life closed in harmony and peace at the place where the whole operation had commenced.

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