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The "Wolski School"

Can one imagine that

> a scientist whose basic research found a breakthrough in theory and in practice,
> a person who has converted his knowledge into products which have become highly successful in the market,

a such gifted personality is an excellent judge of character and a superb teacher?


Tadeusz Wolski had the unique talent, to attract well educated people, and to fill them with enthusiasm. When he was a young man, he had learnt several foreign languages, and their knowledge enabled him to travel through the whole world. Thanks to this experience, he paid high attention that his “pupils” would learn foreign languages and extend their knowledge abroad, also in western countries, even at times when contacts into the “west” for political reasons were nearly impossible. But just nearly: Wolski made it possible!

Wolski’s appearance in general as well as in respect to his subordinates is characterized by reticent modesty. He always was friendly, polite and obliging. This never changed, even not later when he had become famous for his abilities and achievements, and obtained the title to be a professor. His employees – his co-workers as he used to say – used to have great respect for him. Thanks to the style to communicate with them in a friendly and close atmosphere, he set up an exemplary mutual relationship of personal trust. All of them became his devoted followers.

Wolski’s expectations were high: Punctuality, precision and sincerity at work were just taken for granted. He demanded full personal efforts from everyone – often under neglect of private life – without any discussion that work had to be done before calling off. He himself lived up to what he expected from his co-workers: He was restlessly committed to his activities, worked systematically and concentrated, controlled his people, rarely and never unpleasantly criticized, he rather praised the performance of his pupils, and compelled them gently but firmly to think for themselves. Thus he led them to self-confidence, aroused enthusiasm and motivated all of them to work. He cared for an excellent working atmosphere, and stimulated teamwork.

In his last years, when his working power had been highly reduced by disease and almost entire loss of eyesight, he still lived to see, how marvellous people have had come from his “school” who have the ability and the will to continue his work, who want and can develop DANKO plant breeding and the company towards further successes.

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