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Welcome to my internet site.

During my working life, I have had the great opportunity to take part in a marvellous event: A totally new plant - triticale - had been created, and I have had the privilige to be involved in its marketing in Germany!

Over the period of its first 100 years, triticale was more or less a "botanical curiosity", until an outstanding plant breeder and geneticist succeeded to help triticale on the road to success: Tadeusz Wolski - a fascinating personality.


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In the course of less than 30 years, triticale has developed worldwide from a niche to a well estimated product in the world market of grain thanks to

> good to excellent agricultural features in the field,
> its outstanding nutritional value,
> its exceptional suitability for ethanol production,
> reasonable prices for producers as well as for consumers.

I have designed this website with the intention to spread as wide information as possible from my more than 25 years' of experience about this new plant to all those who are interested, as well as win new friends for triticale, and let them take part in its promising future.

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Triticale is full of Life

As with all important cultivated plants, many scientists and breeders enthusiastically work to improve breeding methods and varieties. Accordingly, my triticale-infos are continuously being elaborated. It is worthwhile to look into this website from time to time. Permanent readers, please note: You find the important changes on the site: New

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