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Market Prices

Triticale is Worth Good Money!

In the beginning, producers who wanted to sell triticale in the market, had to accept rather low prices. Such times are history.

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Triticale is in Demand

As described under Value , triticale offers a lot of advantages in animal feeding in comparison to rye and barley, and can be considered as valuable as wheat - some experts even prefer triticale to wheat: What in the beginning a handful of pioneers had found out - see Experiences - some years later was confirmed by intensive Feeding Trials .

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Triticale is a highly valuable Forage Cereal!

So far, markets in different regions in Europe evaluate triticale differently, but as a general rule, one can assess that triticale ranges much higher in price than rye and more or less below wheat - in general as follows:

Poland is the biggest producer of triticale in the world and uses the biggest portion inland, mainly on farm, and also exports some quantities, with the tendency to rise.

Germany as the second producer of triticale worldwide uses the majority of its production inland, mostly on farm, and only a small portion is being exported.

Belgium and the Netherlands produce rather small quantities of triticale, but use a lot of it which they mostly import at rather reasonable prices.

France ranges on the fourth place of triticale producers in Europe; demand exceeds production which has been growing continuously during the past years.

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Triticale is the ideal renewable commodity

Thanks to its

> high and rather secure yields on light and medium soils,
> low production costs in comparison to wheat and rye,
> high content of fermenting starch

triticale is the ideal cereal for ethanol production, even regardng the higher price evaluation which triticale enjoys compared to rye.

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Market Prices in Europe

Triticale has been developed in Europe where it has found its greatest popularity regarding production as well as consumption. Nevetheless, some regions produce more than they consume and vice versa which results in great price differences in the different regions. It therefore is worthwhile to have a look into the different markets.

Triticale as well as rye have yielded outstandingly well in 2012 as what concernes quantity as well as quality. For this reason prices of bread rye have dropped to the level of feed rye; due its clearly higher feeding value, triticale has a remarkably higher selling price, even in comparison to the best bread rye, at the beginning of the 2012/13 season. The difference between triticale and rye has never been as big as now.

As a consequence it can be stated that

> triticale is the more profitable crop in comparison to rye!

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There is a Market for Triticale!

In every year since its introduction to te market, triticale had such good demand in all these more than 30 years that all quantities produced had been sold and fed until the new crop was harvested! There never existed the possibility to dispose of it in intervention: Triticale had to find its market and did it! Even more: Mostly all stocks of triticale had been exhausted before new crop.

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