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Prices in NL

Market Prices in Belgium and the Netherlands

Belgium and the Netherlands are rather less important regarding production of cereals in general and triticale in special: In 2009 Belgium has produced 45.000 tons on 6.000 hectares, and the Netherlands 17.000 tons on 3.000 hectares. In contrast, demand for grain for milling and feed mixes is rather important, and triticale is appreciated and bought in important quantities which is good to know fro grain exporting countries.

There is no better proof of how highly estimated triticale is in comparison than price comparisons. In the average of the years 2009 - 2010 quotations for triticale were just 3 - 4 % lower than wheat and 10 % above those for rye. The 2011 prices reveal a totally inadequate provision of triticale in the European market: By mthe middle of May 2011 supplies were exhausted, and the 2011 crop which for all cereals was disappointing, again was not sufficient with the result that triticale was offered only in very small quantities to the markets. The price development can be seen from the tables and graphs

prices-2009-nl..xls [32 KB]
prices-2010-nl.xls [18 KB]
prices-2011-nl.xlsx [16 KB]
market-prices-nl-2012.xlsx [16 KB]
marktpreise-2013-nl.xlsx [17 KB]

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