The Excellence of Triticale
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    The Profitability in Ethanol Production
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The Profitability of Triticale for the Grower

The Excellence of Triticale for the Grain Grower

The advantages of triticale for the grower of grain are based on the combination of the following excellent features of triticale:

> more than 100 € per hectar lower variable costs
> yields at about the level of hybrid rye
> definetely higher values in
>>> animal feeding
>>> ethanol production
> higher achievable market prices for the grain

In detail:

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Comparison of Production Costs

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Average of 3 Years: 2008 - 2010 Triticale Hybrid Rye Differnce in Favour of Triticale
Seeds 78,00 € 130,90 € 54,90 €
Fertilizer 247,60 € 253,90 € 6,30 €
Plant protection 83,60 103,90 € 20,30 €
other variable costs 313,10 € 334,00 € 20,90 €
Sum of all variable costs 720,30 € 822,70 102,40 €
Source: Bayerische Landesanstalt für Landwirtschaft      

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Comparison of Yields

Yields of triticale in Germany in the average of the last 5 years have been

21,9 % higher than yields of rye

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt

An analysis of the results of all regional variety tests (in German: Landessortenversuche) verifies that each of the best 3 triticale varieties have yielded about 2,7 % less than each of the best 3 hybrid varieties in the average of a 5 years period. This rather small difference is more than compensated by the lower production costs of triticale. Anyway, on many location triticale has outyielded hybrid rye.

For details, please click Yields and specifically Yields in Germany

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Comparison of Market Prices

Thanks to the higher values of triticale in animal feeding as well as ethanol production - for details click: Value - producers have been succesful in obtaining defenitely higher prices in comparison to rye for feeding purposes (and very often in comparison to bred rye prices, too), as can be seen from the following tabe:

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For details, please click: Market Prices

To continue: The Profitability in Animal Feeding

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