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The Profitability in Ethanol Production

The Superiority of Triticale in Ethanol Production

Different to the quality requirements in animal feeding, the following contents are of overriding importance in ethanol production:

> high starch content
> high percentage of fermenting starch
> high enzyme activity
> feeding quality of distiller's residues

In the research report of the Institute of Agriculture and Plant Production in Gülzow of March 2009 concerning the evaluation of rye, wheat and triticale for ethanol production, the following features have been compared:

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Feature Wheat Rye Triticale
Starch in % of dry matter 67,1 60,6 66,8
Fermenting starch in % of dry matter 60,3 58,2 60,4
Alcohol production in Liters of pure alcohol per 100 kg dry matter 43,3 41,7 43,4

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It is more than obvious that

1. Wheat and Triticale are better suited for ethanol production than rye
2. Triticale and wheat are similar good in ethanol yield
3. In the average of 3 years the triticale variety GRENADO has yielded 44,4 l alcohol from 100 kg grain, nearly as much as was obtained from the best wheat variety SKALMEJE (44,7 l from 100 kg grain).
4. The best suited rye variety was RASANT which only yielded 42,6 l alcohol from 100 kg dry matter.

Source: Landesforschungsanstalt für Landwirtschaft und Fischerei Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Institut für Pflanzenbau, D 18276 Gülzow.

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Thanks to its superior advantages

> Triticale can be produced cheaper than rye and wheat
> Triticale is equal in alcohol production to wheat
> Triticale can be grown on very light soils with results comparable to hybrid rye

it can be stated that

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Triticale is the best grain for ethanol production !

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