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Human Consumption

When many thousand years ago man started to select such grasses which produce seeds with granules, the attention was directed to provide food for himself.

No wonder that the pioneers of the new cereal triticale also, though not only, tested its suitability for human consumption, and found out that triticale is of high nutritional value. Generally, it is high in protein of excellent quality and contains more minerals and vitamins than wheat.

Not only the contents, but also the suitability for processing are of importance. In detail:

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Bakery products

A good and tasty wholemeal bread can be produced rather easily from triticale. More can be found under Bread .

On can produce refined bread from triticale, but the process is more complicated than with the established species wheat and rye. Millers have difficulties, because the skin mostly is wrinkled which makes milling more complicated and more expensive. Bakers have to know that triticale dough is different and not so easy to handle as that of wheat and rye. It needs higher skill and costs to produce a good refined bread which is darker than that made of wheat. On the other hand: Triticale bread and rolls are different, very tasty and rich in their nutritious value.

The above mentioned problems for millers and bakers so far limit the usage of triticale to wholemeal products. Some possibilities are shown under Other Food Products .

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Other Food Products

Tests have revealed that from triticale

> wholegrain bakery products
> wholegrain dishes
> wholegrain flakes
> sprouts

can be made with good success. Some of the possibilities can be found under
Other Food Products .

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Despite some possible usages of triticale for human consumption, it still plays a niche role in that field. Nevertheless, thanks to its undemanding nature with respect to cultivation - water, soil conditions, fertilization, disease resistances - triticale might become an alternative cereal for many famine-stricken countries in the world.

To continue, click: Bread

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