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What is the good of best yields, if the product is not in demand?

In the first years of my activities with triticale, I had been confronted with this question, but I never became embarrassed. In every one of those more than 30 years in which I had been engaged in triticale, the quantities harvested had been sold out before the next crop came in! This is the best proof that the demand for triticale is not only there, but even higher than production!

Let us have a look at the possibilities.

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Animal Feeding

Wolski’s basic reason for starting triticale breeding was to create a cereal which is a better alternative to rye in animal feeding. And he has succeeded! Many farmers who grow grain in order to feed their animals, know from their own experience: Triticale is a grain with excellent feeding qualities.

For further details about experiences, contents, test results and feeding trials, see: Animal Feeding .

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Human Consumption

In many countries triticale breeders try to use it for fighting hunger and starvation, since it is modest in demand of water and fertilisers and high in nutritious values. Triticale fans have used it for

> baking bread
> rolling flakes
> producing biscuits and cookies

and it works! Please click: Human Consumption .

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Ethanol Production

Amongst all main grain crops, triticale has the best qualifications for ethanol production:

1. Triticale has a very high starch content,
2. Triticale is very high in enzyme activities,
3. Triticale has a high ethanol output.

For details, click: Ethanol Production .

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Investigations for other usages are being run, for example the possibilities to produce bio gas. Tests have not been concluded, therefore no details can be made so far. For some more details, please click: Technical Usages

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The immense variation of genes that triticale inherits from the many different varieties of its parents justify to assume that triticale which has had great success in a very short period of time, has the ability to offer a much wider range of usages, and still a greater future to come.

To continue, click: Animal Feeding

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