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As explained under Use , triticale is a cereal plant with many advantages.

Yet above all, triticale is a forage cereal. Animal holders since long know that triticale in its essential contents is about equal to wheat when feeding pigs, ruminants and poultry. That is why there is rather small supply of triticale to the open market and an intensive usage on farm.

The Landwirtschaftskammer (Chamber of Agriculture) Hannover, Germany, has developed guidelines for the calculation of basic ingredients with the following average results for triticale in comparison to other cereals. In the average of the past four years triticale has proven to be

> better than barley
> much better than rye
> slightly lower than wheat

as what concerns the nutritious value, as follows:

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2008 2009 2010 2011 the value of triticale was
6 % 11 % 0,3 % - 1 % higher than that of barley
10 % 11 % 3,6 % 2 % higher than that of rye
11 % 8 % 3,5 % 1 % lower than that of wheat

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For details, click:

cereal-prices-for-feed-calculation-crop-2008.xls [21 KB]
cereal-prices-for-feed-calculation-crop-2009.xls [21 KB]
cereal-prices-for-feed-calculation.crop.2010.xls [33 KB]
cereal-prices-for-feed-calculation.crop.2011.xlsx [16 KB]
c-prices-for-the-calcul-of-feed.crop.2012.xlsx [16 KB]

For more details about the advantages of triticale in feeding animals, click: Animal Feeding

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Market Prices of Triticale

In Poland, the Netherlands and Germany, grain companies buy triticale from producers, and the feed industry likes to use it in Holland, Belgium, Poland, Germany and many other countries.

In general, prices of triticale are higher than those of rye, and slightly lower than those of wheat. For more details, click: Market Prices

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The Value of Triticale in Ethanol Production

The following quality features are important in ethanol production

> high starch content,
> high ethanol output,
> good processing properties.

Generally speaking, triticale excels in all three features in comparison to rye and wheat. In addition, triticale can be produced distinctly cheaper than wheat and normally is being offered at lower prices than wheat. Compared with rye, triticale has much better processing properties as well as ethanol output.

In particular, there exist rather distinct differences between various triticale varieties, and amongst the newest varieties you can find well suited ethanol varieties in the triticale assortment. For more information, please look at New Varieties .

It is apparent that ethanol factories will pay for grain as raw material according to the quality features important in ethanol production.

The consequence is that a higher price of triticale is reasonable in comparison to wheat and rye.

To continue, click: Market Prices

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