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Yields in Poland

In Poland - the biggest triticale producing country in the world - the average yields country-wide in all past years have been far higher than those of rye, in the average of the past 10 years triticale outyielded rye by sensational 30 %! For details, click:
comparison-of-yields-in-pl-.xls [19 KB]

Of course, it must be taken into consideration that rye in Poland grows on very poor land and at least part of triticale under better conditions, and that the majority of rye is population rye. But - and this again is sensational - in official trials of all years - the best triticales have beaten the best hybrid rye varieties, and there is a tendency that triticale is making better breeding progress than hybrid rye. For details, click:
best-triticale-in-comparison-to-best-rye-in-po.xls [19 KB]

Comparing the yields of all triticale varieties in the average of trials - which can be considered as the varieties established in the market - with always the best rye variety in trials - which can be considered to represent the varieties to come - shows even better the great progress which has been made by triticale breeders:

In the average of the first 10 years, triticale yielded 46,6 q/ha which was 5,7 % below the best rye variety with 49,0 q/ha, whereas

in the average of the last 10 years, average triticales yielded 81,0 q/ha which was 8,2 % more than the best rye variety with 74,6 q/ha.

For details: Click: average-triticale-compared-to-best-rye-in-pola.xls [19 KB]

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